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Cape Town’s Vinyl Paradise: A Music Lover’s Guide

Cape Town, the lively waterfront city of South Africa, is a gold mine for music sweethearts. In a period of computerized streaming and instant downloads, there is something evidently captivating about the warm solid and material experience of vinyl records. To investigate the city’s vinyl scene, you’re in for a treat. In this article, we will direct you through probably the best vinyl stores in Cape Town, where you can find unlikely treasures, chase after works of art, and submerge yourself in a universe of sonic sentimentality.

The Vinyl Parlor

Situated in the core of Cape Town, The Vinyl Parlor is a sanctuary for vinyl lovers. As you step inside, you’ll be welcomed by lines upon columns of flawlessly coordinated records, spanning different types and times. The store flaunts a great assortment, from intriguing finds to famous deliveries, ensuring there’s something for everybody. The educated staff are generally prepared to give proposals and participate in music conversations, making the Vinyl Parlor a must-visit destination for any vinyl sweetheart.

Mabu Vinyl

Mabu Vinyl, arranged in the particular suburb of Nurseries, is an unbelievable vinyl store with a rich history. Laid out in the mid ’90s, it has turned into a social center for music devotees in Cape Town. Step inside, and you’ll find a broad assortment of both new and utilized records, encompassing different sorts like stone, jazz, hip-bounce, from there, the sky is the limit. Mabu Vinyl likewise stocks a variety of music memorabilia, vintage banners, and collectibles, making it an intriguing space to investigate and find unlikely treasures in vinyl stores in Cape Town.

Roastin’ Records

Settled in the lively neighborhood of Woodstock, Roastin’ Records offers an extraordinary wind to the conventional vinyl store insight. Besides the fact that you peruse can their great determination of records, yet you can likewise partake in a scrumptious mug of espresso while you do as such. Roastin’ Records combines the affection for music and caffeine, providing a comfortable climate where you can unwind, partake in a few extraordinary tunes, and associate with individual vinyl lovers.

Insurgency Records

Situated in the core of Cape Town’s downtown area, Transformation Records is a gold mine for both vinyl gatherers and easygoing audience members. The store features a broad assortment of new and utilized records, ranging from works of art to contemporary deliveries. With an emphasis on South African craftsmen and nearby independent names, Insurgency Records praises the variety and innovativeness of the neighborhood music scene. The store frequently has live exhibitions and occasions, adding an additional layer of fervor to your visit.

The Place of Machines

Combining the adoration for cruisers, espresso, and music, The Place of Machines offers a novel and captivating vinyl store insight. Arranged in a stunningly planned space in the downtown area, this foundation is part bar, part bistro, and part vinyl store. You can peruse their arranged choice of records while enjoying a high quality espresso or a refreshing drink. The Place of Machines likewise has customary unrecorded music occasions, making it an ideal spot for a vivid vinyl experience.


Vinyl stores in Cape Town give a safe-haven to music lovers, offering an escape from the computerized age and embracing the appeal of simple sound. Whether you’re a carefully prepared gatherer or an inquisitive beginner, the city’s vinyl scene brings something to the table for everybody. From The Vinyl Parlor’s noteworthy assortment to Mabu Vinyl’s rich history, Roastin’ Records’ combination of music and espresso, Upheaval Records’ attention on nearby specialists, and The Place of Machines’ remarkable environment, these stores will undoubtedly fulfill your craving for vinyl records. Thus, jump into the universe of vinyl in Cape Town and let the music transport you to some other overall setting.